JCODS 2021 Mandolin

Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls combine the voodoo sounds of the blues with old timey vaudeville cabaret. Music that makes people wanna come down and shake their bones!

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"Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls were a joy to behold.  Rooted firmly in a bygone era when Voodoo and Black Magic were rife, the audience were all spellbound by the performance and its originality" - Adrian Blacklee - Blues Matters Magazine (UK)

"... a wonderfully enchanting show where magical songs were scattered." - thenextgig.nl (Netherlands)

"Tongue firmly-in-cheek they provide a full set of old school entertainment, a sideshow where vaudeville, blues and skiffle conspire to get their audiences to dance their asses off." – Hans Werkman / Here Comes The Flood (NL)

"... they've conjured up some delicious spells in their cauldron of verse, complete with wing of bat and tongue of snake" - Graham Munn / Blues In Britain Magazine

"Don’t fight it, let your soul be taken by the voodoo and soothed by these irresistible bluesy rockabilly rhythms. Turn to the dark-side, even if its just for half an hour or so…" - Neil Hodge / Louderthanwar

 “9/10 …invigorating macabre blues to keep you warm this winter” – Viola Noir (Russia)


"With great lyrics and the combination of haunting ragtime blues they create a stupendously enjoyable jaunt into the darker recesses of voodoo, ... It's superb fun and a real pleasure to just indulge in its lyrics and music..." - Lee Powell / Vive Le Rock 2021

"... a creepy-mischievous touch.  Sarcasm is no stranger to her.  It seems as if she predicts hell in such a way that you have to laugh about it" - Cultuurpakt.be (Belgium)

“...a steaming broth of cabaret, blues, ska, Vaudeville, voodoo and skiffle. Horror stories are the main course, with a side orders of sex, trouble, and all-night parties” - Hans Werksman - Here Comes The Flood (Netherlands)

“Folk instruments deployed with maximum attitude” 9/10 – Vive Le Rock Magazine (UK)  

“...riffs and rhythms, stomp and tap, crazy woman on vocals you find yourself waiting for her to cast a spell on you” - Alan Pearce - Blues Matters Magazine (UK)

"...medicine show huckster and old timey roots music. JCODS make deliciously devilish sounds. Something wicked coming this way. Highly recommended" - Folkcast  (UK)

"That nailed it, good stuff. Left of field stomper. A wonderful fusion of trad, old timey, New Orleans Voodoo Queen" - Mike Harding / Mike Harding Folk Show (UK)


“…a magic potion made up from early 20th century blues and old-time, post-war skiffle and rock'n'roll, Don't be scared, notwithstanding these weird times it's only
entertainment and we like it!” -
Tom Keller / Folkworld (Germany)

“There are dark warnings, powerful accusations, gritty observations and singular attitude... this is a musical heist that robs you of ordinary and replaces it with exceptional" - Folkwords (UK)

“Let's be honest. In this dark age, Jo Carley gives us positive energy with The Old Dry Skulls. Vintage music poured with a modern sauce. Perfect for a good feeling and a must in every club, any festival” – Keys and Chords Magazine (Belgium)

“Being scared has never been so much fun. Eyes closed, lights out, music on. Then tremble and shake and then laugh.”  - Cultuurpakt (Belgium)

"...you will soon be dancing to the dead beat. An excellent album to keep you awake at night" - Shirl / Blues Matters Magazine

“The rhythms are uplifting, Jo Carley's voice remains mysterious with a mischievous twist. Nice deep bass rhythms, screeching strings and ominous, rattling percussion chase a person through the land of the living dead.” - Cultuurpakt (Belgium)

“On ‘Voodoo Bones & Vaudeville Blues’, Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls do what they do very well. They continue to brew their unique concoction of voodoo and vaudeville and skilfully season it with some blues, rock and other fine spices that taste for more after dark…“ - Eric Shuurmans / Rootstime (Belgium)