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'THEM OLD BONES' Album 2017 - reviews:

"That nailed it, good stuff. Left of field stomper. A wonderful fusion of trad, old timey, New Orleans Voodoo Queen and morris dancing, I think???" - Mike Harding / Mike Harding Folk Show


 "The pulsating core of ‘Them Old Bones’, the debut album from Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls, takes pretty much all the preconceptions you might have and throws them out... There are dark warnings, powerful accusations, gritty observations and singular attitude... this is a musical heist that robs you of ordinary and replaces it with exceptional" - Folkwords


Multi  "London Junkyard Punk or Punk-yard London Junk?? brilliant!" - Punky Radio, non specific, absolutely great. Its Punky brilliant!" -genreRadio

"It ain't no sin to jump outta your skin and dance around in your bones... Bill Monroe fused with Augustus Pablo in an inspired skull-ripping Mad Scientist synthesis. This is a CD to make you Dance till you're dead, you have been warned!" Andrew Darlington RnR Magazine 2017.


"A spooky slab of backwoods punk, mixed with medicine show huckster and JCODS make deliciously devilish sounds. Something wicked coming this way. Highly recommended" - Folkcast 

"Folk Instruments deployed with maximum attitude... A fresh take on Voodoo Folk Punk... 9/10" Vive Le Rock Magazine


'RAGS AND BONES' EP 2014 - Reviews:

Rags and Bones EP

As I’ve said before, one measure of an EP is that it leaves you wanting more … this one does. I shall have to go and hear these guys soon” -   Tim Carroll / Folkwords

 “An insane mix of kooky Kleenex/Slits-style punk, Specials-Selecter rude-boy ska, indie attitude and more than a dash of Eastern European nomadic weirdness” - David Kidman / Fatea Magazine

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