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Hey ghouls and girls!

Hope you are all doing OK through the madness that is the Covid-19 Lockdown. For us and like so many other artists, it turned up unannounced and has stopped us doing the things we love the most, playing live, performing and meeting all of our crazy friends and fans whilst on the road. It’s what keeps us sane and it is what we depend on to support us financially. With our entire UK and European spring tour and all summer shows cancelled, we need something to keep us on the straight and narrow, so the only solution is to spend the time recording a new album.

Folks have been asking if they can get a copy our new song THE JUNGLE that we in our Lockdown puppet show video. So here it is, as a two song ‘Lockdown sessions’ single with THE ZOMBIE. It is now available exclusively as a digital download, either on Bandcamp or direct from us.

£2 for both the tracks, or a ‘Pay What You Like’ donation would be hugely appreciated

(Payments appear as ‘OLD HIGUE RECORDS’ on statements)

These two songs are rough mixes from the new album, recorded in our living room and home studio whilst we are in isolation. Mixed by Jo Carley and Tim Carley, with bass recordings and Mastering by James Le Huray.

The single will only be available while the UK lockdown lasts. As soon as we can get out of here we will be hitting another studio to mix and master to tape and bring you the full album.

Like all bands we have had our concerts, tours and livings put on hold for the foreseeable future. Any support you can give us would be fantastic.

Buy in the player above or PAYPAL to

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